Sasuke (Red)

Sasuke Uchiha Profile

Sasuke is a ninjutsu-type red ninja in Pockie Ninja 2 Social.


Red Sasuke appears in his outfit from Naruto Shippuden. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt with blue pants and black sandals, along with a purple rope belt that has his sword attached to the back.


Red Ninja Sasuke is a ninjutsu-type, so he can move a maximum of two spaces and attack within a range of 5 spaces. When leveled up to Level 20, Sasuke can learn the Lvl. 9 Sand Flow Burial, an attack which deals 80% of the user's attack and stuns the victim for 1 turn.


Ninja Level Skill
1 Lvl.2 Chidori
2 Lvl.3 Wind Blade
4 Lvl.4 Ninjutsu Mastery
6 Lvl.5 Phoenix Flower Jutsu
8 Lvl.6 Chidori
10 Lvl.6 Wind Blade
12 Lvl.7 Ninjutsu Mastery
14 Lvl.8 Phoenix Flower Jutsu
16 Lvl.9 Chidori
18 Lvl.9 Wind Blade
20 Lvl.9 Sand Flow Burial


Sasuke (Red Ninja) is recommended to be used primarily for attack. Sasuke, at higher levels, deals a significant amount of damage using ninjutsu and unique skills. A highly recommended Unique Skill to assign Sasuke would be the Great Dragon Fire, an Ultimate Unique Skill which deals 180% attack plus 303 damage. Also, Planetary Devastation can also be given to Sasuke if you can fully upgrade the skill to +5 and if Sasuke has a very high attack (such as 2000), since it only does 50% attack plus 40 damage to all enemies. If you meet those requirements, then Red Ninja Sasuke is sure to be a devastating fighter on the battlefield.


Red Ninja Sasuke is available in Ninja Saga. Your village must be at least Level 59 for you to get him, either through bribing him or fighting him numerous times. Also, Red Ninja Packs, available in Trial lucky draws, may contain Red Ninja Sasuke. You can even get him in the Ninja School, though chances of specifically getting him there is very slim. To make effective use of this, level up your Ninja School to at least Lvl. 7 to have better chances of recruiting Sasuke (Red).