Naruto (Purple) Profile

Naruto is a purple taijutsu ninja that can be found in Pockie Ninja 2 Social. He is one of the ninjas you can start out with at the beginning of the game, being the male taijutsu ninja that can be chosen.


Naruto appears in his usual outfit in Naruto Shippuden. He wears a black Konoha headband and an orange jumpsuit with a black color on his sleeves and a black stripe running down the length of his jumpsuit's zipper. His eyes a colored blue.


As a purple ninja, Naruto has very basic abilities. He has average attack and decent HP, and should be very useful as a starting character. Being a taijutsu ninja, he can take down weapon ninjas, which present a threat to your ninjutsu ninjas. At Level 20, Naruto can learn Fortitude, which increases his max HP by 247.


Naruto is a good ninja to have in your arsenal until your village becomes Level 15, in which you should start getting red ninjas. Naruto is a balanced taijutsu ninja that can either be used for attack or defense. If opting for attack, give Naruto techniques such as the Ultimate Rasen Shuriken, Grand Rasengan, or Ultimate Crush. Another good skill to teach him would be the Flying Thunder God, which increases his attack range by 1, so he can take down those back-row ninjas. If going for defense, equip him with Ultimate Erupt to stun enemies. By Level 15, you should have some chances of getting red ninjas. Because Naruto will initially have higher stats than your new red ninjas, you should use Naruto and your red ninjas in battles to level up your red ninjas. Once you become Level 20, you should probably use Naruto to pass on EXP to red ninjas to try and level them up.


Since Naruto is a starter ninja, you can immediately get him in the game. If you choose another starter, you can still get him at the Ninja School, where you have decent chances of getting him. You can also get Naruto using Ninja Saga, though this would be more of a waste of chakra and ryo. Also, by getting 30 active points in a day, you can claim an Active Chest that contains a Purple Ninja Pack. Using that, you have a slim chance of getting Naruto. However, you should really be focusing more on getting red and golden ninjas.