Kushina Profile

Kushina is a golden-type weapon ninja that is available in Pockie ninja 2 Social.


Kushina (full name is Kushina Uzumaki in Naruto Shippuden) appears in her house outfit during her adulthood, which consists of a blue blouse underneath a tan apron and blue sandals. Kushina has blue eyes and red waist-length hair, with a brown clip that parts her hair on the left.


Kushina, being a golden ninja, will have powered-up abilities that surpass that of a red ninja. As a weapon ninja, Kushina will have balanced stats: her HP and attack are average for her ninja class. At Level 20, Kushina can learn Lvl. 9 Fortitude, which passively adds 221 HP to her max HP. In addition, as a golden ninja, Kushina has an Ultimate Ninjutsu Skill that can be unlocked with an Ultimate Ninjutsu Token once Kushina is Level 40. Her Ultimate Ninjutsu Skill is the Eight Diagrams Seal, which increases her attack by 5%, and affects her common strike: 100% chance to seal her target for 1 turn, 20% chance to restrain the target for 1 turn, and 5% chance to stun the target for 1 turn.


Ninja Level Skill
1 Lvl.2 Heavenly Lock
2 Lvl.3 Shadow Shuriken
4 Lvl.4 Explosive Clay
6 Lvl.5 Weapon Mastery
8 Lvl.6 Heavenly Lock
10 Lvl.6 Shadow Shuriken
12 Lvl.7 Explosive Clay
14 Lvl.8 Weapon Mastery
16 Lvl.9 Heavenly Lock
18 Lvl.9 Shadow Shuriken
20 Lvl.9 Fortitude


Because Kushina has Fortitude at Level 20, her best build would be that of a tanker. The best option would be to give Kushina 2 Lvl.9 Fortitude skills when she is Level 20 and, for a Unique Skill, give her the Secret-Insect Sphere, which lowers the attack of all enemies within a cross-shaped area by 50% for 2 turns. She would best be placed on the front lines, since her tanker status would allow her to take multiple hits before she dies, giving your nukers in the back lines opportunities to destroy your opponent's forces. Remember, this section of the article gives only a suggestion of what you could do to maximize Kushina's potential. You could build up her skills to whatever suits your needs.


There are several ways to get Kushina. One way is through golden ninja packs, though the chance of specifically obtaining her is rather low. Another way of obtaining her is through Hinata's Storage Box and ninja synthesis, though chances are even lower. Your best bet of gaining Kushina is through Ninja Saga, by collecting all of the purple and red weapon ninjas, but you must be at least Level 52 to get the free golden weapon ninja. Through Ninja Saga, the golden weapon ninja you will get is either Kushina or Gaara, giving you a 50% chance of winning her, which is great.