3rd Tsuchikage

3rd Tsuchikage Profile

The 3rd Tsuchikage is a weapon-type red ninja available in Pockie Ninja 2 Social.


The 3rd Tsuchikage appears in his outfit in Naruto Shippuden, where his real name is Onoki. He wears a green and yellow coat with a red collar. Underneath he wears the traditional Stone Village outfit consistent of a light green version of Stone Village's flak jacket and mesh armour.. He wears his hair in a chonmage haircut, and it has a white color.


3rd Tsuchikage is a weapon-type ninja, so he is good for killing ninjutsu-type ninjas, a common ninja type. Also, he is a red ninja, so he has much more attack power than purple ninjas. He can move 4 spaces and attack any ninja within 5 spaces. Strategically placing the 3rd Tsuchikage to be used as a sniper to take out the back row of enemies. At Level 20, 3rd Tsuchikage can learn Lvl. 9 Shadow Collecting, which deals 80% attack and restrains the enemy for 1 turn.


To make maximum use of 3rd Tsuchikage, you should use him for attacking the back line of enemies. Use strategy to place him in areas where he can snipe away at the back-row enemies. To give him a Unique Skill that deals massive damage, give him the Atomic Dismantling Jutsu, which deals 180% attack plus 212 damage. Other good Unique Skills for him to use are the Great Sickle Weasel, which deals 150% attack plus 141 damage, and the C0 Suicide-Bomb, which deals 95% to all enemies within a square area.


3rd Tsuchikage can be found in Ninja Saga, where your village must be at least Level 42 in order to bribe or fight him. He can also be found in Red Ninja Packs, but there is a small chance to actually get him. Another way to get him is through the Ninja School, though it should be at least Lvl. 7 to increase your chances of getting a red ninja.